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        Lianyungang Kaimeike Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals Co., Ltd was built in 2010, which was named as
Jurong Zhongshan Chemical Research Institute before. Kaimeike is located in Weiyi Road, No. 3, Lingang
Industrial Zone, Guanyun county, Jiangsu Province. Kaimeike is mainly specialized in chemical
reactions such as Hydrogenation, ammonification, Cyanide, Methoxy, Chloromethylation, etc.
Our representive products including Dimethy ether of o-phenylenediamine,
(3,4-Dimethoxypheny1)acetonitrile, P-phenylendiamine and so on.
        Kaimeike covers an area of nearly 40,000 square meters, construction area of 14,000
square meters. Company’s main equipments and facilities contain enamel kettle and hydrogenation reactor,boiler, oil furnace, sewage processor. All of them are well advanced and completed.  With the spirit of “keeping ahead of others and cannot be over passed" in mind, our company will always provide you with the highest quality products and the most attentive services, and warmly welcome people of vision to join in cooperation with us.


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